Total Quality Model

Our management model.

Based on universal truths and values, the company follows this model. We work on the continuous improvement of the processes and on the team’s commitment. We make an effort to spread our philosophy so that it gives meaning to the whole.

Commitment with our customers.

We commit ourselves to offer products that meet the needs of our clients at the same time that these products meet all the safety and quality requirements; and always at the best price because we care about the families’ economy. We offer a wide range of products that help having a balanced, healthy diet.

Our employees.

We want the best of our workforce, and for this reason, we put everything they need at hand so that they can develop themselves equally in the professional and in the personal fields. Thanks to this, we built a two-way trust relationship that strengths the professional bounds. The company and the people who work there grow together.

The supplier.

We carry out a steady process of applied research with the aim of achieving the most efficient practices in cattle breeding. This knowledge is passed on to the suppliers to support the livestock sector and so, we help construct a sustainable agro-alimentary chain.

The society

We long to improve the balance, not only in the environment, but also with all the social environments around us. We share the wealth, we reinvest and we chase an overall profitability.

The capital

Following the order of the five elements, the generation of wealth and reinvestment of the economic resources produced in an efficient and competitive way, we are ensuring the future of our organization.

Your opinion is important to us

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