Quality and Innovation

Innovation and quality are part of our main goals, always looking for our clients’ satisfaction. To accomplish this, we offer the best service by creating the most suitable selection of products while, at the same time, we set adjusted and competitive prices.

We have a large team of professionals who set their hearts on giving the consumer products with the highest guarantee and the expected quality.


We place ourselves at the forefront in research, development and innovation in meat products to foresee the customers’ demands and satisfy their needs. We conduct studies with our own applications and also through agreements with important research centers such as:

Agro-alimentary Technological Institute.

The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Technology Institute of the Valencian Community.

Agro-alimentary Research and Technology Centre of the Aragon Government.

The Food and Agriculture Research and Technology Institute.

Our pilot plant has a key role in the development of the technological innovation, cutting techniques, packaging, transport and preservation of manufactured products. This facility also gives answer to a second demand: to test the consumers’ taste in order to satisfy their demands. For this reason, there are tasting rooms and specific panels to conduct these activities. We also carry out applied research in the farm in Villamarchante (Valencia). Our Technical and Quality team is there constantly analyzing the behavior and development of different breeds of beef. The results are used in two ways: the first one is to get to know the sensory behavior and tenderness of the meat. The second one is to comprehend and control the main elements that guarantee the sustainability of the business. The most efficient techniques in both areas will support the associated farmer to help promote a sustainable national herd and, at the same time, protect it from other countries.

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