The regional Minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment, Máximo Buch, visits the factory of Martínez Loriente in Cheste

Martínez Loriente, a leading company within the Spanish meat sector and one of the 15 companies that makes up the Group of Companies for the Reindustrialization which is promoted by the Valencian Government has received in their facilities in Cheste (Valencia) the Valencian minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment. There, the minister has been shown the details of the new Efficiency System (from now on SÉ ML) created by the own company which ensures the steady improvement in the production of meat. At the same time, this system allows that the production is carried out without unnecessary costs.

The minister was welcomed by the Vice-president, Francisco Martínez, and the CEO, Francisco Garrigues, who showed him around during the visit. Later on, the President Emilio Loriente joined them.

The system SÉ ML follows an own methodology which was designed based on the success of other industry sectors. This system, employed in the agro-alimentary sector, has the objective of obtaining the highest guarantee of food safety, quality and price, for the benefit of the costumers. The minister got to know the whole process followed to coordinate the four production centers; the factories in Cheste (Valencia) and Tarancón (Cuenca), the slaughter house in Buñol (Valencia) and the farm in Villamarchante (Valencia) The workforce of the company rises up to 1,500 employees in the whole.

The methodology for the production applied by Martínez Loriente has turned out in an improvement by 7.5% of the productivity in the last three years, in spite of the constant increase in the production and a broadened range of products. The company, supplier of Mercadona, processes beef, pork, and lamb meat, burgers and ready meat meals for the Spanish distributor and is also in charge of making their products get to all the Mercadona stores of the country.

The regional minister pointed out the fact that the industrial production index of the Valencian Community had increased by 8.2% in February, which represented five points above the national average. The value of the exports of the Valencian Community also grew, along with the employment data from March, which showed a decrease in the unemployment rate in the industrial sector, following the path of the last seven months.

He then added that the Valencian Government is planning to continue working in the promotion of the industrial activity and employment by means of the different actions collected in the strategic plan on industrial politics made by the Valencian Government called ‘Estrategia de Política Industrial Visión 2020’. Stating his own words, the minister said “we are the second most growing Spanish community this year within the industrial sector. Between 2010-12 the annual growth rate increased by 2.7%, which is, by far, one of the best numbers compared to the national average, which is around 0.1% in communities such as Catalonia, Madrid or the Basque Country”

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