Our commitments

We are a socially responsible company, committed to our environment.

And it is our commitment to a sustainable development which makes us employ friendly environmental practices so our impact on the environment is minimized.

We also put into practice initiatives to help our workers develop their careers within the company. And this is only possible through work-life balance, integration and equality.

The reinvestment of our economic resources and the technological innovation support our objective: to develop and maintain a sustainable agro-alimentary chain based on the interexchange of knowledge and a strong and healthy relationship with the Spanish livestock industry.

Commitment to our employees.

Work-life balance.

the means for helping them develop as humans. The active policies of equality of opportunities, work-life balance and support for the socio-economic adversities have been of key importance for the company. Some of these measures include a flexible work schedule, shifts, fixed shifts, paternity leaves, etc.

Training and professional development

We invest in training programs for all of our employees. Thus, we strengthen the training of the future leaders, who will be experts in new technologies, ensuring in this way the continuous improvement of the organization.

Safety and health

For Martínez Loriente, safety in the workplace, ergonomics and applied psychology are useful tools to achieve a working environment of quality. The company implemented a Safety and Health System in the Workplace based on the International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and which follows all the preventive actions.

This system offers a service of physiotherapy which provides help and assistance during production hours.

Equality plan

Aware, as we are, of the importance of having an appropriate equality policy to keep on promoting equality within our employees, there are two plans that have been implemented with their correspondent measures. The first Plan for Equal Opportunities between men and women (2009-2011) (2009-2011) and the second Plan for Equal Opportunities between men and women (2012-2015)(2012-2015).


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, following the international standard OHSAS 18001.
Plan de igualdad
Granting and validation of the visa of the Equality Plan. April 2014.
Igualdad en la Empresa
Seal of distinction 'Equality in the workplace' (granted by the Spanish government). 2013

Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to a sustainable development which makes us employ friendly environmental practices so our impact on the environment is minimized.

Our company makes a sensible use of water, energy and products and regarding the waste management in Martínez Loriente, it should be said that we remove, recycle and dispose of all the waste products through authorized waste managers.

We are very conscious of our surroundings, and for this reason, we have an environmental management system since 2009 which has been certified in accordance with the international UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

Furthermore, in our facilities in Buñol, we have a photovoltaic park that produced 1,487,730 kW·h a year.

To manage the spill of sewage, all our plants have their own waste water management systems.

Committed to the society

Our responsibility with the society is to contribute and get involved in the communities where we are present. Our commitment can be seen through different activities and collaborations:

-Agreements with universities and technological institutes to carry out training programs.

-Charity events where we all participate.

-Financial donations and product donations to NGOs.

-Educational partnerships with non-profit bodies.

Your opinion is important to us

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